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Brown and Blue Aromatic Smoking Fuel


By No. 4 St. James

File this one under: things you didn’t know you needed. BBQ pros have long integrated pecan shells into grilling repertoires as a secret weapon for developing a unique smoky flavor. No. 4 St. James’s Smoking Fuel takes it one step further with an aromatic BBQ fuel that combines pecan shells with peppery-sweet wild harvest juniper berries. The result is an incomparable smoky flavor: rich bacon notes from the pecan with a pine and gin-like essence from the juniper; no matter where you are, it’ll instantly transport you to all the best parts of Texas.

  • One pound of aromatic smoking mix, or enough for grilling for four people.
  • To use, soak in water for 30 minutes then use as you would wood chips on a backyard grill: spread evenly directly on the coals, place in a smoke box, or in foil set upon the grate. For the pit, it’s the same: spread evenly across your wood chunks, replacing as necessary over time.
  • Mix comes housed in a cotton drawstring bag.
  • Made in Austin


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